REALISE Front Zip Swimsuits
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N-716 Rubberized/SSW Hybrid Front Zip Long Sleeve | Navy


Exotic 2-Way Front Zip hydra-suit with Long Sleeves. The body is the latest Japan Enamel rubberized material – the sleeves are SSW super shiny knit.

REALISE is constantly on the search for new and improved rubberized swimsuit material - with more stretch, resilience, and fun colors. The feel of this latest development is simply -- sumptuous! The embossed REALISE Logo arches across the top of the right leg opening.

Body is "Navy" colored 700 Series Japan Enamel.
Sleeves are Navy SSW Knit.

The swimsuit / leotard / hydrasuit has a classic cut leg, high neck, 2-way front-zip allowing creative wearing options - from keyhole-look to a complete open collar.

Material: Japan ENAMEL, the latest update of the famous "RUBBERIZED" - SHINY RUBBER -material. It is medium stretchy and has a rubber (or vinyl) look & feel. 100% polyurethane; Lining: 85% polyester, 15% polyurethane.

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