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REALISE Front Zip Swimsuits

SRN-016 Front Zip Knit w/ Sheer Long Sleeves

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The SRN-016the evolution of the N-506 Front Zip swimwear continues!

Swimsuit / Surf-suit / Leotard, with front-zipper, high leg cut & normal back, a small collar, fashioned in the new 2-WAY Easy Stretch knit fabric and with SST2 – sleeves, and the REALISE Logo on the seat.

The knit body is made a wonderfully stretchy material, having a slightly glossy Wet-look finish. It has a silky Lycra touch.

The sleeves are made from the SecondSkin Version 2 fabric – a resilient but transparent fabric, often used in the making of figure skating costumes because of it’s combined comfort and strength.

2-Way Front Zip is an original – and often imitated – concept from REALISE, giving you several style options. Look amazing in this suit, whether on the beach, pool, cabana, club dance floor – or as a foundation for your next Cosplay project.

This swimsuit is available in following color options ( body / sleeves ):

  • dusty grey / white

  • navy / white

  • red / red

  • black / black

  • white / white

Available sizes :

This swimsuit is stocked in Japanese sizes  L to 3L (~ US 30 – US 34 ). We are working with the manufacturer to produce 4L and 5L (US 36-38).

2WAY - Easy Stretch: A Japan-Sourced, very soft and stretchy material, that is slightly glossy and feels like Lycra, SSW (Super Shiny Wet) and similar fabrics.

Fabric: 82% Polyester, 18% Polyurethane.

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