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Special and Pre-Orders

Special Orders MAY be available from the manufacturer if the color, size or style you are looking for is not available here. Always check the Manufacturer's Site first! Suits in larger sizes sell out quickly, both from the manufacturer and from inventory. Many of the items are produced as a single manufacturer's run and once sold out are no longer available. Sleeque Mysitique, along with the European Distributor, Cultulu, is working with the Japanese manufacturer to produce more clothing in sizing that meets the needs of the North American and European markets.

We are increasing our North-American based inventory over time. However, there are some styles of suits not yet fully stocked. If you wish to Special-Order any of the styles below, please contact us to arrange with the manufacturer to reserve your size and style to include with our next shipment. Pre-payment is required for Special and Pre-Orders: exact pricing may fluctuate slightly depending on the exchange rate at the time.


T-011 SSW Maillot

N-015 or T-015 SSW 2-Tone High Neck with Long Sleeve

N-035 2-piece Long Sleeve, SSW

The T-030 SSW Hydra-suit (N-030 is a regularly stocked item)

KN-5033 Stripe with Piping, SSW

N-015 & T-015 Long Sleeve, Colors